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Our first branches

From the very beginning we set out to provide banking services to customers across the length and breadth of the Isle of Man. Prior to the advent of telephone, internet and mobile banking that meant providing a local branch bank. Even before the bank opened the doors of its head office branch in Douglas for the first time on 1 November 1865, our directors were busy making enquiries about possible local agents and premises in Castletown, Ramsey and Peel so that branches could be opened there too as soon as possible.

Within a week our Castletown and Ramsey branches had opened and Peel branch followed in February 1866. The new bank now had representation in principal towns in the north, west and south of the island as well as in its capital. At a time when communication and travel was still quite difficult and time consuming, this was an important service to local communities. Later, in 1874, a further branch was established in Port St Mary.

A growing network

As the business of the bank and the number of tourists visiting the island grew, we looked to establish more branches in other key towns. This led to the opening of branches in Port Erin in 1894 and Laxey in 1895. At Port Erin a modest room costing 10 a year was initially rented, so that the bank could open for just two hours twice a week, to test the viability of a branch. Once that service had proved popular, its opening hours were increased and new premises acquired. In December 1894 a local newspaper reported: ‘Building is rapidly going on at Port Erin at present. There are six new houses and a new Isle of Man Bank building going on’.

Expansion in Douglas

As the 20th century dawned the need for banking services in the busy town of Douglas was greater than ever. At the same moment the traumatic failure of Dumbell’s Banking Co deprived the island’s residents of a very important local bank. We helped to meet the need by quickly opening a second branch of our own in Douglas, on Regent Street, next to the General Post Office.

Local newspaper reports welcomed the new branch: ‘There can be little doubt that this step on the part of the directors will prove a great convenience to the public in the lower and northern parts of the town, and will materially add to the business of this flourishing concern’. The new branch was managed by the popular former cashier of Dumbell’s Banking Co, whose presence doubtless attracted many of his former customers to the branch.

A couple of years later we opened a grand new head office building in Athol Street, which we still occupy today. It incorporated a prestigious and spacious new branch. In tribute to the great value the bank placed on its branch network, the fine dome of coloured glass above the branch depicted the towns on the island where our branches were to be found.

Recent times

In the last century a number of further branches have opened and closed as the needs of our customers have ebbed and flowed, ranging from branches in town centres, suburbs and tourist spots to specialist offices in locations like the airport. In recent years new technology has significantly changed the ways in which our customers bank with us, but we remain keen to serve their needs through our branch services. In 2015 we introduced a new mobile bank on wheels to serve a number of the communities where face to face banking services were wanted, but which could not now support the maintenance of a full branch bank.