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Our personal account fees

The Personal Banking account fee documents contain information about the amount of the charges and rates of interest that apply to your account.

All charges and rates shown are correct as at 25 September 2017 unless otherwise specified and are subject to variation.

Download our account terms and fees

Download our account fees summary

Account fees for personal customer

Monthly account fees

The following monthly account fee is payable by Gold account customers.

Your account includes access to all the benefits listed in the appropriate brochures and on our website.

Type of account Monthly account fee
Gold Account 18

Application of account fees

The account fee for each monthly charging period will be debited from your account 21 days after the end of that charging period (or on the next business day if this is a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday). The fee will appear on your statement as ‘CHG’. Your charging period runs from month to month, usually from the date you opened your account.

Arranged overdraft interest

Gold Account and Select Account

If you have arranged an overdraft facility with us in advance and you use this facility within the thresholds shown below, you will not pay arranged overdraft interest.

Arranged Overdraft Interest Rates

Type of account Interest free threshold
Gold Account 100
Select Account 10

If the amount of your arranged overdraft facility exceeds these thresholds, you will pay arranged overdraft interest at the rates shown in the interest rates table below on the entire balance, including the amount below the interest free threshold.

Please note if the overdraft facility you have agreed with us is less than or equal to the thresholds shown above and you exceed your arranged overdraft facility, you will pay arranged overdraft interest at the rates shown below on the entire arranged overdraft facility.

Arranged Overdraft Interest Rates

Type of account Nominal Monthly rate % Nominal Annual Rate % EAR %
Gold Account
All amounts
0.63 7.50 7.76
Select Account
All amounts
1.52 18.28 19.89

Calculation and application of interest

Arranged overdraft interest is calculated on a daily basis and charged monthly.

If we are going to debit arranged overdraft interest from your account, we will give you not less than 14 days’ notice of how much we are going to debit and when.

We do not charge interest on Unarranged overdrafts. Nor do we charge arranged overdraft interest on any part of an arranged overdraft which represents an Unpaid Transaction Fee or an Unarranged Overdraft Usage Fee.

Student/Graduate Account

All Student/Graduate account arranged overdrafts are interest free. If at any time you cease to be a Student/Graduate customer for any reason, then the interest rate you pay on your overdraft will revert to the standard rate which applies to Select account customers.

Arranged overdraft, unarranged overdraft and unpaid transaction fees

Fee Amount Maximum Charge
Arranged Overdraft Usage Fee 6 where arranged overdrafts are used by more than 10 per charging period One fee per charging period (6)
Unarranged Overdraft Usage Fee 8 per day for unarranged overdrafts of more than 10 9 fees per charging period (72)
Unpaid Transaction Fee 8 for each unpaid transaction 1 fee per charging period (8)

We will only charge an Unarranged Overdraft Usage Fee for a non-business day (i.e. a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday) if there is an unarranged overdraft, or there is greater than 10 owing on your account at close of business on the first following business day.

The table shown below highlights which fees may be charged on which accounts:

Arranged Overdraft Usage Fee Unarranged Overdraft Usage Fee Unpaid Transaction Fee
Gold Account
Select Account
Foundation Account
Basic Account
Student/Graduate Account

Debit card and ATM card charges

This section sets out our charges for the transaction types listed below. It does not reflect any charges which a third party might charge you (for example, commission rates or ATM fees).

Debit card charges

Transaction type Charges
Sterling cash withdrawals from any Isle of Man, UK, Channel Islands or Gibraltar cash machine (ATM) and Branches

Sterling cash withdrawals in the Isle of Man UK, Channel Islands or Gibraltar in any bank, travel agent, bureau de change or other outlet displaying the Visa logo

Purchase of foreign currency or travellers cheques in the Isle of Man, UK, Channel Islands, or Gibraltar
No charge
Foreign currency withdrawals from any cash machine (ATM) in the Isle of Man, UK, Channel Islands or Gibraltar

Cash withdrawals or the purchase of currency or travellers cheques outside the Isle of Man, UK, Channel Islands or Gibraltar
We will charge a Foreign Cash Fee of 2% of the value of the transaction (minimum 2, maximum 5). We will also charge a Non-Sterling Transaction Fee of 2.75% of the value of the transaction.

If you elect for the transaction to be converted into Sterling at the point of sale or withdrawal, we will not charge a Non-Sterling Transaction Fee, however the transaction handler may charge you a separate fee.
Purchases made outside the Isle of Man, UK, Channel Islands or Gibraltar (for example, purchasing goods in a shop)

Purchases made anywhere in a foreign currency (for example, online/telephone purchases made in or outside the Isle of Man, UK, Channel Islands or Gibraltar)
We will charge a Foreign Purchase Fee of 2.75% of the value of the transaction (minimum 1).

Where a charge in the table above is stated as a percentage, this is a percentage of the Sterling transaction amount.

Visa Payment Scheme Exchange Rate
Any transaction made in a foreign currency using your debit card or ATM card is converted by us into Sterling using the Visa Payment Scheme Exchange Rate. To see the up-to-date rates used for debit cards and ATM cards visit and click on the Interchange Fees section.

Additional services, payments & travel money

We don’t believe in hidden charges. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to some of the additional services we provide.

Additional Services

Obtaining copies of statements 3 per request
Certificate of debit interest No Fee
Certificate of credit interest 10
Tailored loan arrangement fee 2% of amount borrowed (minimum fee 100)
Stopping a cheque
(unless it has been lost or stolen)


Domestic payments
Issuing a sundry payment cheque 12
Special presentation of a cheque A cheque made payable to you can be specially presented by post to confirm quickly that it will be paid. 15 (25 in Gibraltar)
Same day electronic transfer
We can arrange same day electronic transfer of funds (CHAPS) between banks in the UK.

International Payments
Including currency transfers in the UK currency inward collections 0.3% (minimum fee 23, maximum fee 40) plus 10 agents charge where applicable

ibanking plus payments
CHAPS reduced tariff 15 per payment
International payments 5,000 or less – 15
Over 5,000 – 0.3% (max 40)

Inward payments from overseas
Depending on payment instructions these charges may be for the beneficiary or remitter Up to 100 – no charge
Over 100 – 7.50 plus agents charges where applicable

Outward/Inward payment investigations
Within 6 months of payment release
(including payments returned due to incorrect beneficiary details)
Up to 25 per investigation
6 - 12 months from payment release Up to 50 per investigation
Over 12 months from payment release Up to 100 per investigation

Sterling travellers cheques

Buy 1% of value (min 3, max 50)
Cash in 0% commission

Foreign Cheques

Negotiation (a foreign cheque / draft in the same currency as the receiving bank) Negotiation 0.25%
(minimum fee 7, maximum fee 45)
Collection (a foreign cheque / draft in a different currency to the receiving bank) Collection 0.25%
(minimum fee 20, maximum fee 70)
Foreign draft 40

Currency notes (buy and cash in)

Currency notes 0% commission

Currency notes paid into or withdrawn from a currency account

Currency Commission rate Commission rate Commission rate
US Dollar US $25,000 and under 1% (min $10) US $25,001 to US $100,000 0.5% Over US $100,000 ask for details
Euro €25,000 and under 1% (min €10) €25,001 to €100,000 0.5% Over €100,000 ask for details
All other currencies 25,000 and under 1% (min 5) 25,001 to 100,000 0.5% Over 100,000 ask for details

Safe Custody Boxes and parcels annual holding charges**

Large box 55***
Small box 40***
Sealed envelope 20***
Inspection fee 10***

**Please note that we no longer accept new items into Safe Custody

***Plus VAT where applicable


Below, we explain some common terms used in this leaflet.

Annual Equivalent Rate (AER)
This is a notional rate used for interest bearing accounts which illustrates what the gross credit interest rate (excluding any bonus interest payable) would be if paid and compounded on an annual basis. It helps you to compare the effective rates of credit interest on different accounts.

Effective Annual Rate of Interest (EAR)
This is the real annual cost of an overdraft, stated as an annual rate, which takes into account how often arranged overdraft interest is charged to the account.

All other charges, such as arranged and unarranged overdraft fees, must be shown separately from the EAR.

Nominal Rate
The rate charged excluding compounding of arranged overdraft interest and other charges associated with a borrowing, e.g. security fees.

per annum (per year).