Additional mortgage borrowing

Borrowing more on your Isle of Man Bank mortgage

To apply you must be 18+ and resident in the Isle of Man. Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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Borrow for a range of purposes

You could borrow extra on your mortgage for a range of purposes, for example home improvements, a new car, a dream holiday or a wedding.

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Things to consider...

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    Applications for additional borrowing must be for an acceptable purpose. The most common purposes are home improvements, a new car, a dream holiday or a wedding. We'll cover this in full during your first mortgage appointment.

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    The minimum borrowing amount on a mortgage is £10,000. A personal loan could be an option if you need less.

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    The minimum borrowing term is 3 years and the maximum is 35 years. Any new mortgage borrowing will run concurrently with your existing mortgage.

    The maximum age for repayment is 65 years old. Where a mortgage extends beyond this age, you should be able to demonstrate continued ability to repay the loan by way of a pension or alternative means.

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