Security Centre

Helping you stay safe and secure

How you shop and bank online is changing

Soon, we’ll start sending you a One Time Passcode (OTP) by text or email to confirm it’s really you who is using your details and not someone pretending to be you.

So it’s really important that we have the correct mobile number and email address for you.

Ways we help you stay safe

Mobile banking security

See how we help you to log in securely, wherever you are. 

Online banking security

Discover some of the ways we help you bank safely when you're online. 

Report fraud or suspicious activity

We're here if you're worried about being a victim of fraud or you've noticed something suspicious.

Our secure banking promise

Whether you’re banking online or using our Mobile Banking app, rest assured you're protected by our Secure Banking Promise.

1. We'll refund any money paid out of your account by a fraudster, as long as you’ve kept your security information safe

2. We'll protect you 24/7 by monitoring your account and using the latest technology to keep you safe

3. We'll help you protect yourself with tips on staying secure and free tools for extra security protection

Staying safe online

Spotting common scams

We will never ask you for your full PIN or password. If you are asked for this, it will be a scam and should be reported to us.

How to spot common scams

Helpful hints and tips to protect yourself

Stay one step ahead with our simple guides on how to protect yourself from email, text message and telephone scams. You can also read about other scams that we think you should be aware of. 

Don't recognise a payment on your statement?

If you don't recognise a payment, it could be because the company you have made a payment to may have a different trading name from the one you expect. For example, if you bought something from Argos, it could appear on your statement as 'Home Retail Group'.

Check our list of common retailers and service providers, and their trading names.

Something else we can help you with?